How PsyMaptic gets used in England

Since its launch in 2012, PsyMaptic has had substantial national and local impact on mental health policy in England, and has enabled Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Early Intervention Psychosis services to better understand and plan services by taking into account anticipated future need for EIP treatment based on local population characteristics.

Most significantly, perhaps, PsyMaptic predictions inform national guidance on the Access & Waiting Time Standard for EIP services in England. As part of this, the prediction data underpins current workforce planning models for EIP services in England to help CCGs plan their services more effectively.

Below, we highlight all the current and previous ways in which PsyMaptic is used by policymakers, the NHS and other organisations.

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Peer-reviewed publications

Before we release our data under a Creative Commons licence, our PsyMaptic prediction methodology is subjected to peer-review by the academic, scientific and medical community.

Here you will find details about our peer-reviewed journal publications for both our old (Version 1, 2012) and current (Version 2, 2020) versions of the PsyMaptic tool, as well as links to other academic work which has cited our tool.   

Our publications

Citations of PsyMaptic