Available prediction data

All prediction data found on the visualisation dashboard are available as freely downloadable, open access datasets. These can be downloaded in Excel format from our DataStore (link below). 

Before downloading any data, we recommend viewing our quick summary, user guide and detailed methodology to understand what data we predict and how this is derived.  

All prediction data are available to download by the following attributes: 

Counts or Rates

Choose between new caseload sizes (counts) or new cases per 100,000 people in the population at-risk (incidence rates) each year

By clinical stage

Predicted new caseloads either:

(i) referred to
(ii) assessed by
(iii) treated for
(iv) with FEP in

EIP services in England each year

By geographical level

Predicted new caseloads at Clinical Commissioning Group and National (England) levels

By year

Predicted new caseloads for each year 2019-2025, inclusive

By sociodemographics

Predicted caseloads broken down by broad age group (16-64, 16-35, 36-64), sex and major ethnic group

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