Welcome to the PsyMaptic website. PsyMaptic provides prediction data for NHS Early Intervention in Psychosis [EIP] service planning in England up to 2025. We use epidemiological data and statistical models to forecast future need in local populations, based on their underlying risk profiles.

You can read full details about our methodology here, or read either our public or scientific summaries. 

PsyMaptic forecasts the expected number of new people referred, assessed and treated by Early Intervention in Psychosis [EIP] services in England each year. The tool informs current NHS England commissioning guidance for EIP services. 

Prediction data are made available for the years 2019-2025, by broad age group (16-35, 36-64, 16-64), sex and major ethnic group at Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] and national levels. 

On this website you can find more details about how to use the tool, how it was developed and validated, visualise our prediction data via an interactive dashboard, access downloadable datasets of the predicted data, and find out how our prediction data has been used to inform clinical and public health policy.

Below, you can find a quick summary of how the tool works. Before using the data, users should have read the full methodology behind the prediction data and understand the main strengths and limitations of the current model.

We also recommend checking out our user guides to get the most from the interactive dashboard.

How it works