Our datasets contain predicted data about the number of new people who are likely to come into contact with Early Intervention Psychosis [EIP] services at CCG or national level in England each year, between 2019-2025. Read our Summary & Methodology for more information.

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All datasets include predictions by broad age group (16-35, 36-64, 16-64), sex (male, female) and major ethnic group (White British/Irish/Gypsy/Traveller, Other White, Black Caribbean, Black African, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Mixed, Other). All predictions are accompanied by their corresponding level of statistical uncertainty (formally, 95% credible intervals), as well as our standard disclaimer and meta-level information about the data.

Bespoke requests for predicted data for custom geographical regions within England or for particular sociodemographic combinations not provided here can be provided via a cost-recovery model. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All datasets have been checked for veracity, but please report any errors or inconsistencies in their production via our contact page.

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