PsyMaptic Impact on Commissioning & Service Organisation

waterdropPsyMaptic is being used and implemented by a variety of commissioning groups, mental health services and other organisations. On this page we detail examples of the impact our translational epidemiological tool, PsyMaptic, has had.

If you have used PsyMaptic and would like to be included on this page we would love to hear from you!

PsyMaptic impact

  • Included as an example of local mental health needs assessment in the UK, now required for all mental health services, in the Chief Medical Officer’s 2013 Annual Report on Public Mental Health. Accessed 24th September, 2014 [Webpage] [PDF]
  • Recommended in Rethink’s first of ten call’s to action for CCGs in their important Lost Generation report. Accessed 2nd June, 2014. [Webpage] [PDF]
  • Included in the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of General Practitioners & Royal Society for Public Health’s Joint Commissioning Panel on Mental Health’s “Public Mental Health” report. [Webpage] [PDF]
  • Used in 2013  Croydon Borough Council Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. Accessed 13th May, 2013. [link (draft)] [website].
  • Supported by Rethink and the National Early Intervention Development Programme [see press release]
  • Supported by the NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) [website]
  • Included as part of the IRIS-Initiative EIS guidelines 2012. Accessed 22nd May, 2013. [link] [website].
  • Included in South London & Maudsley [SLaM] Trust report to Southwark Health, Adult Social Care, Communities and Citizenship Scrutiny Sub-Committee. Accessed 13th May, 2013. [link]
  • Used by NHS London