Customised data

DataWe have freely published the expected number of cases of first episode psychotic disorders which are predicted to occur in England and Wales per year, based on the age, sex and ethnic structure of the population and levels of population density. Our research suggests that this  model provides good estimates of expected rates, based on our validation procedures. You can read more about how we developed this tool here.

We have presently made these predictions  freely available at the local authority district [LAD] and national levels, broken down by broad age group, sex and selected ethnic groups.

Other prediction data may be requested in the form of bespoke customised prediction data. We charge a fee for this service, which will vary depending on the complexity of the data request. This fee covers the time cost of running the prediction model for the custom request, assessing the degree of error around the prediction(s) and providing the end-user with an assessment of the current validity of the data. Customised data can be requested for bespoke regions or for certain combinations of sociodemographic groups.

Prior to taking on any customised data request we provide a free assessment of the likely validity of the prediction request (which will vary according to the request) to allow the end user to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with this service.

Customised prediction data charges are as follows:

  • Initial customised data enquiry: free
  • Initial assessment of likely validity of request: free
  • Customised data extraction: £500 flat fee (includes up to 6 hours work) + £50 per hour thereafter + VAT